Stage 8 S.I.C.K. Kit


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2-S.I.C.K. Kit Chrome Bridges with Aluminium Injectors 2-4V. Rechargeable Dremels with Collet Adapters 1-Premium Thin Resin Bottle(1 Liter) ● 1-Premium Thin Resin Bottle(8oz) ● 1-Premium Thin Resin Bottle(1oz) ● 1-Premium Thick Resin Bottle(1 Liter) ● 1-Premium Thick Resin Bottle(8oz) ● 1-Premium Thick Resin Bottle(1oz) ● 2-Pit Polish Bottle(2oz) ● 1-Tool Box 1-Fanny Pack 2-Plastic Injectors 10-Black Female O-Rings ● 10-Black Male O-Rings 1-Razor Blade Scraper 1-Box of 100 Razor Blades 1-Pack of 100 Drill Bits(FG-558) ● 2-Pack of 100 Chip Sealer Tabs 2-Pack of 100 Crack Sealer Tabs 2-Lighters  2-UV Flashlight 1-Carbide Scribe 1-Straight Scribe 1-Hook Scribe 1-Star Breaker 1-Squirt Bottle1 Microfiber Towel

Weight 18.499999983686 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 10 × 10 in
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