PowerBond S.I.C.K. Kits Pit Filler 1oz


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S.I.C.K. Kits Pit Filler is a clear liquid UV resin that will cure when exposed to ultraviolet light. Since it is a one part system and 100% solids, it offers many advantages in windshield repair application.Curing time is remarkably fast and dependent on thickness applied and amount of UV energy available. This product has excellent clarity, low shrinkage, and flexibility for and excellent repair application. It has good resistance to extreme temperatures and high humidity. This is a low viscosity product which is excellent for star and bulls-eye windshield repairs with excellent exterior durability. This product has excellent adhesion to windshield glass surfaces with clarity that matches the windshields refractive index. This is a product that we highly recommend for windshield repair applications.

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