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Features the S.I.C.K. Kit windshield repair injection kit and a flip lever vacuum cup to hold the injector securely against the windshield. This compact design allows for any type of windshield repair including curved windshield repairs without extra attachments or special equipment. This kit comes with a highly compacted plastic injector with an expandable rubber tip. This compact design allows the bridge to be mounted virtually anywhere on a windshield. It’s never been easier to make over $80,000 a year owning a Windshield Repair Business!
Our windshield repair system will teach you how to do rock chip repairs and how to run a successful windshield repair business! Why not stop wasting time and start making money! Windshield rock chip repair is easy to learn and an actual rock chip repair takes around 10 minutes to complete. These chips can easily be repaired in 10 minutes or less without the need for hoses, pumps and fancy high tech equipment! Our Windshield Chip Kits Repair Bridge is compact and easy to use! Our prices are low because we sell only what you need! Our repair systems are designed to be user friendly and inexpensive to maintain. Windshield Chip Kits Repair Systems/Kits are manufactured to be affordable and easy to use! We designed our bridge assembly from the highest quality materials to last a lifetime! Rock Chips and Rock Dings So why would you spend more then you need to on a rock chip repair kit? Many Kits & Systems have too many parts and accessories, things that are not needed for quality windshield repair! We give you what you need so you don’t have to spend a fortune and we offer FREE technical support! So why wait? You can have a complete windshield repair system at your doorstep tomorrow! We guarantee it works or your money back!

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